Jeep Cavalcade to street party in the Old City

Sponsors and Supporters 2020

Colour Me Pink was proudly sponsored by Rajasthan Tourism

Thank you to our supporters who have given generously to ensure this event is a success

Accommodation partners – Jodhpur

Taj Hari Mahal
Park Plaza
Ratan Vilas
Devi Bhawan
The Ummed
RASS Havelli
Fort ChanwarLuni
Polo Heritage
Pal Garh
Devi Niwas

Accommodation Partners - Osian

Reggie’s Camel Camp
Rohida Camp

Transport and Travel

Reggishtan Tours
Araveli Tours
Jain Travel
V K Jain Travels
K S Tours

Event Partners

QED Entertainment
7 Shades Entertainment

Hosts for Jodhpuri cuisine

House of Sodawas
House of Pokaran
House of Rohet
House of Raoti
House of Umed Nagar
House of Marwar
House of Jhalamand

Tech. Partner

MyShopIq Technologies Pvt. Ltd.